ICU Cockpit: Künstliche Intelligenz für neurointensive Pflege

ICU-Cockpit ist ein gemeinsames IT-Forschungsprojekt zwischen der Universität und der ETH Zürich, IBM Research und Supercomputing Systems mit dem Ziel, eine integrierte Plattform für Patientenmonitoring und Therapieunterstützung zu schaffen. Die Daten zahlreicher medizinischer Geräte werden synchronisiert und Algorithmen für Frühwarnsysteme und Behandlungsempfehlungen entwickelt, wobei der Schwerpunkt zunächst auf epileptischen Ereignissen liegt.

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Medical knowledge has a half-life of just a few years, while medical staff struggle to keep up with the explosion of information. In addition, the volume of medical data per patient is increasing exponentially in the field of precision medicine. In intensive and emergency medicine, the situation is compounded by real-time signals from multiple sensors on, as well as inside the human body. In an emergency situation, in particular, it is not possible to integrate this flood of information rapidly into the decision-making process.

ICU-Cockpit is a joint IT research project between the University and ETH Zurich, IBM Research and Supercomputing Systems that aims to create an integrated platform for patient monitoring and therapy support. Data from numerous medical devices are synchronized, and algorithms for early alarm systems and treatment recommendations are developed, with the initial focus on epileptic events.
The project is aimed at initiating a fundamental development in emergency and intensive medicine – and bringing about a substantial improvement in the way diagnostics, treatment and risk management are handled in everyday clinical practice.

The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers from academia and industry as well as clinicians to discuss state-of-the-art and present first project results.

Registration deadline: February, 27th, 2018


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09.03.2018 16:30


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