NRP 75 "Big Data": 172 pre-proposals submitted

Big Data

In response to the call for NRP 75 "Big Data", the Swiss National Science Foundation has received 172 pre-proposals.

​In total, funding to the tune of approximately CHF 95 million was requested in the 172 pre-proposals. NRP 75 has been allocated a budget of CHF 22 million to fund research projects during the programme's five-year research phase.

The next step will be to evaluate the pre-proposals by March 2016. Subsequently, the SNSF will invite researchers whose pre-proposals were shortlisted to submit a full research proposal.

The Swiss National Science Foundation has issued the call for NRP 75 "Big Data" based on a federal mandate. NRP 75 will generate scientific knowledge as a basis for the efficient use of big data. The programme will focus mainly on technical questions and the potential benefits of big data.

Main research topics

NRP 75 will investigate the following three main topics: technical issues, benefits to society, practical applications.

The information technology module (CHF 9 million) will be devoted to data analytics (analysis, evaluation, machine learning) and data management services as well as questions regarding safety, access control and trust.

The second module will study societal challenges (CHF 5 million) and analyse the social acceptance of big data as well as regulatory challenges and economic, social and educational benefits.

The third module (CHF 9 million) will focus on big data applications in different areas of society, e.g. medicine, transport and civil defence.


The Steering Committee of NRP 75 is composed of six international experts. Its president is Christian S. Jensen of Aalborg University (Denmark).


Detailed information on the participation requirements and project selection can be found in the call document.