New teaching material for “Big Data”

The NRP 75 “Big Data” and the Museum of Communication have jointly developed an attractive teaching material on Big Data.

How do Internet giants earn their money? What does free of cost mean in the online world? How can data save the world? The Lehrplan 21, the new curricula in the German speaking cantons of Switzerland, contains the new subject "Media and Computer Science". In this subject, the pupils are to acquire skills in data, among other things. They should be able to present, structure and evaluate data from their environment. And they should be able to understand the structure and functioning of information processing systems and apply concepts of secure data processing. Suitable teaching materials for the secondary level (Sek I and II) are therefore needed in order to teach these competences.

This is where the teaching material of NRP 75 and the Museum of Communication comes in. It takes an innovative and playful approach and has a modular structure. Modules can be omitted, depending on the time budget and the depth of the course. With the teaching material, data becomes “tangible” connected to the young people’s everyday lives. The examples are practical and real.

Teaching materials for download